The Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi

Read my post about the September 11th attack on the U.S. consulate and my disgust with the Obama administration’s response to it here in the Rants section of Literary Travesty.

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11/22/63 by Stephen King review added

Review: 11/22/63: a Novel by Stephen King

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New Google+ account

I now have an account on Google’s new Google+ service. I’m not sure if this is something to be celebrated or not. I avoided the evils of Facebook for so long and gave in so easily when it came to Google+. On the other side of the coin I’m not sure that my avoidance of Facebook for so long was entirely a good thing. I’m written two stories that have been posted for sale through Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, etc. I don’t know if I would be doing any better if I had tried to advertise my writing through a Facebook page. Would I have sold a few more copies, which might in turn have fueled word of mouth to sell a few more, or would I have simply ended up lost in the morass? On the other hand navigating the internet and seeing how many things you can’t do without Facebook has made me a little wary of how much Facebook has come to dominate so much of the internet so quickly. Maybe my quick adoption of Google+ has as much to do with the hope of seeing Facebook’s monopoly broken as does liking what I’ve seen of it. Anyway, come play with me on Google+.

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Supreme Court defends video games!

In 2005 the state of California decided on their own that video games were not equally protected under the First Amendment and attempted to ban the sale or rental of them to children. Today the Supreme Court decided in a 7-2 decision that games are protect and the law was struck down. Yahoo!!!

Supreme Court defends video games, and a short little rant

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My Xbox Live is back

On April 8 I lost my Xbox Live.

My original rant about Xbox Live

On June 14 I finally got my Xbox Live back, though the name I’ve gone under for almost ten years is now gone.

Update: Xbox Live shenanigans

It only took the Xbox Support people more than two months …

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HBO – Game of Thrones reviews

I’ve added reviews for HBO’s Game of Thrones series to the Movies & TV section. Check ‘em out.

Comments are always welcome!

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Fiction Reviews added to Literary Travesty!

I just added a Fiction reviews section to the site, where I will be reviewing whatever strikes me.

First up is Eliza’s Fancy: a faery romance (Part One) by Zachary Harper, a poetical children’s tale of a journey through an enchanted landscape.

Second on the list is Weapons of Choice: Book One of the Axis of Time trilogy by John Birmingham

Third up is Ur by Stephen King

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I Miss My Xbox Live!!!

Last month my Xbox Live account went down inexplicably.

I’ve been arguing with Xbox support ever since, but needless to say the gamertag I’ve had and played under for almost 10 years is now gone.

The tragic death of ‘an Angry Wookie’!!

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Nobody Wants to Play With Zombie Jesus

Tonight I uploaded a new story to both Amazon and Smashwords.

It’s a children’s story called Nobody Wants to Play With Zombie Jesus written in a somewhat traditional rhyming style, like say Dr. Seuss with a bit of an Addams Family vibe. It’s a story that’s child appropriate. Not too frightening. No obvious gore. And it has a subtext that an adult reader might enjoy as well . . . hopefully.

My other story, Vampires of the Sky, an action-romance set in England in 1940 during the Battle of Britain is available as well both from Amazon and the Smashwords store.

Both stories should also be available from other retailers through the Smashwords store whenever they clear the review process.

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Welcome to Literary Travesty!

I created this site as a home for my writing, and hopefully as a portal to it for those who might enjoy it. The only bit of fiction I have out right now is a short story action romance set in the summer of 1940 during the Battle of Britain called “Vampires of the Sky”. It’s available on Amazon’s Kindle store for just 99 cents and I hope to be able to make it available elsewhere soon.

“Vampires of the Sky” is a short story about William, a fighter pilot with the Royal Air Force, and Sophia, a girl who William happens to meet in a pub before he is to go back off to war. The time they have together is necessarily brief, but perhaps their love is the flame that will see them through the darkness to come.

Here’s a short excerpt from “Vampires of the Sky”


“What’s it like,” Sophia asked as they were walking down the pavement. High above the sky had faded to a deep dark violet turning to shades of reds, oranges and lavender among the clouds near the western horizon. The first twinkling of stars were becoming visible. “To fly? To just go up past the clouds where even birds don’t go?”

“It’s … indescribable.” William wore a look of such a depth of humility as he gave thought to it. They had stopped by the entrance to someone’s elegantly crafted flower garden. It was a splash of color in the deepening twilight. The wrought iron archway had grown thick with creepers. “I’m not a poet. I don’t have words. When I fly … I just feel … free. Like there’s nothing that can touch me.” His fingers softly stroked the soft skin along the curve of her cheek. “There’s nothing in the world that I can’t do.”

He leaned forward slowly and captured her silken lips. He tasted that first breath of her surprised excitement. For a few brief moments their mouths moved together in thoughtless harmony. For those few brief moments they were alive. The air that pressed down on them felt heavy with it. Felt … warm. Inviting. Home and hearth and a soft, warm bed.

She smiled at him as he pulled away. Her voice was soft. Like a thought that had grown wings. She felt as if she were being held up by his arms. “I think I can fly.”

He was looking at Sophia like a man enchanted. Like something had unexpectedly redefined the universe into something indescribably wonderful. The fingers of one of his hands were still discovering the soft contours of her cheek. “I think we both can.”


I hope you’ll enjoy “Vampires of the Sky”.

This, my friends, is only the beginning . . .

Michael L. Preble

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